Sort Your Sh*t Out (SYSO)- CANCELLED

7 nights - 8 Days | cancelled until further notice

2020 is a powerful year – are you ready to SYSO?

SYSO is no ordinary retreat – it’s a restorative and life-changing experience.  Yoga master and all round bendy guy, Stewart Heffernan, will work your physical blocks to help you be open, calm and receptive to exploring and uncovering your mind.  Psychology guru and lover of Boston Terriers, Karen Stevens, will help you connect and understand yourself through a range of transformative experiences.

Open to all levels of experience, we welcome beginners and those who have always wanted to, but been a bit (or a lot) nervous about going on a retreat.

If you want to make transformative and sustained changes in your life; if you feel you need clarity and direction in life; if you want to really understand and connect with yourself and need a break from stress and emotional blockages, SYSO IS FOR YOU!




To register your interest ring 8166 7566 or email us at [email protected]