Got a question?

If you haven’t visited a psychologist before, you probably have lots of questions (most people do).

Here are some common questions that we hope will help. If not, get in touch with us and we’d be more than happy to answer any not covered here.

  • How much does it cost to see a Psychologist?

    To keep Psychological services accessible, our rate is $175.00 for a 50-minute session.

    Reduced rates are available for health care card holders. Chat to us for details.

    Both attract a Medicare rebate of $86.15 if you have a Mental Health Care Plan.

    Return to work and Motor Accident Vehicle Commission rates are at the Scheduled Fee and covered by your Insurance Company.

    Psycho-educational assessments are $1100.00 and require a $500 deposit. It will include the collection of relevant information from guardians and educators, psychological testing, academic testing, face to face feedback session with guardians, and a report with recommendations for school and home. Some private health funds offer a rebate. Contact your fund and quote item number P950-Educational Assessment.

  • Can I get a Medicare or Private Health Insurance Rebate?

    Medicare offers rebates for therapeutic sessions. You will need to visit your General Practitioner (GP) to discuss your mental health concerns and they will determine whether you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan, which will allow you a Medicare Rebate of $86.15.
    We will need to have a copy of these documents.

    Please ensure you have registered your bank details with Medicare to have the Rebate deposited back into your account.
    Call Medicare on 132 011 if you have not registered your account details.

    Private Health Rebates vary depending on your cover. Contact your health fund provider: for Therapy quote item number 200-Individual Treatment.

    For Psycho-educational Assessments quote item number P950-Educational Assessments.

  • How long are sessions with a Psychologist?

    Psychology sessions are normally 50 minutes long.

    Psychological testing and assessments (testing for dyslexia, dyscalculia and other Specific Learning Disorders, Vocational Assessments and IQ Testing) are longer and depend on which assessments and how many assessments are undertaken.

  • Are the sessions confidential?

    Yes! All Psychologists are legally bound by confidentiality, which means they don’t share your information with anybody. There are, however, two exceptions to this rule. 1 – if you are at risk of harm to yourself or someone else or 2 – Is in relation to court orders. If either of these are an issue, your Psychologist will discuss them with you.

  • First time seeing a Psychologist. What can I expect at a session with a psychologist?

    It’s brave to reach out and see a Psychologist and going for the first time can be daunting. Normally the Psychologist will spend the first session finding out about what you’re struggling with, and exploring some thoughts and behaviours that are not helpful in your life and create some aims for therapy.

    At ProMind Psychology it’s not all talk.  You’ll get to practice skills in-session to use ‘out in the real world’. Best tip: come with an open mind and willingness to learn. You are worth investing in your mental health!

  • IMPORTANT: COVID-19 and Telehealth

    In these scary times, we want to do everything we can (in the current climate) to keep everyone well and thriving. So we’ve made some changes for the time being, and it’s important for you to be aware of them.

    As a proactive measure against COVID-19 we are transferring all therapy sessions to Telehealth (video call) from Monday March 30 until further notice.

  • Am I eligible for Telehealth due to COVID-19?

    Are you eligible for our Telehealth Reduced Rate?  We can offer one session at the reduced rate of $135 and then the next session will be Medicare bulk billed (as per Medicare requirements Fri 20th March, 2020).  However, you must meet specific criteria.  You must either;

    • Be self-isolating on advice of your Medical Practitioner.
    • Be aged over 70.
    • Have a hronic health condition (eg, diabetes, asthma, cancer, high blood pressure, epilepsy, heart disease, M.S. etc)
    • Be immunocompromised, or
    • Be the parent of a child under 12 months
  • How much does Telehealth Cost

    If you meet the criteria above we can offer the following telehealth services:

    The first 50 minute appointment will be at full fee of $135. There is no rebate currently being offered by Medicare for this.  Some Private Health companies DO offer a rebate for telehealth – make sure you check!
    The second appointment will bulk billed.
    The next 50 minute appointment will again be $135, and the next 30 minute appointment will again bulk billed, and so on.  So you basically get two sessions for $135!

    If you are under Return to Work Scheme or Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance with accepted claims, these sessions are still fully covered by your Insurance company.

  • Logging onto the Telehealth Appointment

    We use Coviu for telepsychology video sessions.

    When you book, we send you an email with a link that takes you to a web page.  All you need to do is allow webcam access, enter your name, take a selfie (so I know who is in my virtual ‘waiting room’) and then consent.  Then I’ll see you at your allocated time!

We require a minimum of 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel your appointment. If cancelled 24 hours before the appointment time or in the case of non-attendance, there is a cancellation fee of 50% of the session fee.