How to Psychologically Survive a Pandemic

Wow.  What crazy times.  The start of 2020 has certainly thrown me completely off balance, and I know a lot of other people feel the same.

During these difficult times, everyone is being impacted differently.  Pretty much every conversation I’ve had in my therapy sessions have included anxieties and fears about Coronavirus.

People telling me they’re losing sleep; feeling hyper-vigilant when they hear people cough or sneeze near them; reluctance to go to work/school; fears for loved ones.


My Top Tips to Surviving

It’s normal to feel anxiety and worry during these times.  Although there’s no way to remove all of the stress and uncertainty of this global pandemic, I would love to share five tips with you in how to keep sane and help get through this in one (psychological) piece!

  1. Limiting your exposure to news and social media.
    The news and discussions are relentless and it can lead to overload.  Giving yourself a break from this can really help.
  2. Breathe!
    Sounds so simple, and yet to stop and slow your breathing down and do some box breathing (read my previous post “Manage your anxiety like a Navy Seal”) is extremely powerful.  This helps to calm the emotion centres of the brain and helps you to reduce some of those anxiety symptoms.  And you can don’t have to do anything different – practice at random times during the day, such as when you’re waiting for the microwave.
  3. Grounding.
    This is where you stop for a moment and notice; 5 things you can see.  4 things you can hear. 3 things you can feel (ie, breeze on your skin, the weight of your body on the chair, shoes around your feet). 2 things you can smell. 1 thing you can taste.
  4. Thoughts.
    Identify what you’re mind is telling you (Catch the thought), work out if it’s helpful (Check the thought), and work out if it’s realistic or catastrophising (Challenge the thought).
  5. Routine.
    Make sure that you keep to a healthy routine.  This means keeping some exercise in your day and maintaining regular sleep and meal times.

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Hang in there everyone.  We will all get through this, but only by being kind to ourselves and one another.