Insurance (Return to Work & Motor Vehicle Accident Claims)

Even with the best-laid plans and intentions, life can throw us curve balls. Pain, life changing circumstances and permanent loss can cause grief. Often our grief is centered around life changes that are out of our control.

Depending on your personal challenges, we will work with you and teach you a range of psychological techniques that are proven to work and support you through trauma to healing. Although it can’t make all of your difficulties vanish, it can help to keep you afloat and make progress towards reclaiming your life.

We have helped many people under Insurance Schemes such as Return To Work SA and Motor Vehicle Accident Claims through a range of difficulties, including anxiety disorders, bullying, depression, PTSD and stress.

Some of the techniques include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, solution-oriented intervention designed to address specific incidents or issues that may be impacting on your ability to engage with life and work, stress management techniques, identification of values and changing thinking patterns through reframing events.