Daniella Chiarolli

Receptionist Extraordinaire

While it can be important for us to acknowledge the experiences that have shaped us into the people we are, we should never underestimate the resilience and strength that we have within us. This, in combination with reaching out to support networks around us, can help us manage even the harshest of challenges.

Daniella is new to our team and she has settled in beautifully.  Her happy and sunny personality help people who visit our clinic feel welcome and relaxed.

My role as a receptionist at ProMind Psychology is a welcome addition to studying a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Psychological Science. 

At the core of both of my degrees is my passion for understanding and helping a wide range of people, with the ultimate goal of supporting them directly, whether in the legal or psychological field. I am fascinated by the complex nature of personality and what makes each of us who we are. 

Outside of work and study, I love reading and analysing literature from a wide variety of genres, spending time in nature in its many forms, and enjoying quality time with loved ones (including, of course, my beautiful cat).”