ProMind Principal Psychologist and Founder is kicking off Self-Care September by sharing a few tips of her own on self-care.  Read on!


Self-care is something that always seems to take second place.  If you’re tossing up between going out for a walk in the fresh air, or finishing that report, doing housework, or other chores, the ‘me-time’ often gets put off for later – until the next thing you realise it’s been WEEKS if not MONTHS since you actually took some just for you!

I know we all live busy lives, but if we don’t take make time to recharge the batteries, we can be headed for burnout, increased anxiety, poor sleep, feelings of irritability and even a lowered immune system! Good news ~ Self care doesn’t have to be huge time investments OR $$!

Here are my top five ‘go-to’ strategies I use to help me stay grounded and keep my mojo even when life feels overwhelming.


Run it out!

I run 2 x per week before work.  It’s only 30 minutes, but it really makes a difference!  I love to run along the beach front and have recruited a friend to help keep me motivated, (otherwise that snooze button is just too tempting!).  I find that if I do miss a run, I really feel the difference, and actually find myself feeling more sluggish.  The great thing about exercise is it releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood.  There’s also a lot of evidence that cardio can combat depression and anxiety, as well as improving memory & concentration, it helps you sleep better and of course there are all the physical benefits as well.

..And Breathe.

Breath work is so powerful.  If I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, or even if I just have a few moments to myself, I love to take a few quiet breaths.  I find it really grounds me and helps me to tune into my body.  My favourites are belly breathing and box breathing.

Herbal Teas.

I love herbal teas (if you spend some time in our Welcome Room, you’ll see some in there), and there’s nothing better than to take 5 quiet minutes to mindfully sip some herbal tea.  And rather than keep my best teacup and saucer for a ‘special day’, I like to use them EVERYDAY!  Some of my favourites are Peppermint tea, Ginger tea and Rooibos tea.  I also love a supermarket blend called “Sleepy Time” just before bed.

Yoga & Meditation

There’s something about yoga that makes your whole body feel alive.  The best thing about yoga is you can pretty much do it anywhere because it doesn’t take a whole lot of space.  Because COVID19 impacted on our ability to go into the Yoga Studio for classes, my fiancé and I discovered some free yoga sessions through Optus Sports, and we have been sharing this activity together.  I also love the Meditation part at the end of Yoga.



Ziggy is my gorgeous little Boston Terrier dog (you may see him in the clinic from time to time), and I am always humbled by his generous spirit and unconditional love.  He really knows how to live ‘in the moment’ and up for anything.  I love walking him on the beach, hanging out with him watching TV, or teaching him tricks.

BONUS #6 – The great outdoors!

I couldn’t finish my self-care tips without including spending time in nature.  There’s something about just taking a few hours and getting into nature, soaking up the sunshine and immersing myself in the beauty of mother nature.  And the best things are that it’s free, healthy and in SA we are super-lucky to have lots of places we can explore that are close to the CBD.  Some of my favs include the Adelaide Botanic Gardens (take a picnic and a book and chillax), Morialta Falls, Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens, Waterfall Gully and, of course, the beach!