Employer Assistance Program


Want to be an employer of choice where your workplace stands out as somewhere that supports and nourishes the mental wellbeing of your team (instead of wondering why they’re always ‘sick’)?

ProMind’s science backed approach provides effective employer therapy packages to help your team stay on track to feeling engaging and connected.

ProMind has an awesome team of experienced Psychologists who can do more than just talk.  We can deliver therapies aimed at providing individuals with meaningful skills they can actually use.



Our Employer Assistance Program offers confidential counselling services to employees of a company with the goal being to boost workplace wellbeing.

We can help support mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as support for other personal and professional challenges such as relationship issues, financial difficulties, and career concerns.

We can also offer life coaching, career guidance and teach skills for handling conflict.



And we know sometimes it can be tricky navigating life/work and accessing help.  Our head office is located in Mile End, super convenient to access from Adelaide CBD and free street parking.  We also offer face to face, video call and telephone call appointments, as well as appointments after-hours.

If you want to ask about our EAP/ Corporate Wellness programs, please email us at [email protected] or ring (08) 8166 7566